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ALBILEX®-Neutralizer is used for the neutralization of acidic cleaning agents and / or cleaning sumps before being disposed into the sewage system.

ALBILEX Neutralisator


ALBILEX®-Neutralizer is added to the diluted cleaning agent till a pH-value between 6.5 - 9.0 is reached. In order to control the pH-value it is recommended to use pH indicator paper (Item-No.: 190153). ALBILEX®-Neutralizer should not be mixed with acid cleaning concentrates.

Applicable quantities for balancing-out ALBILEX®-3000:

pH value of the sewage

Quantity of ALBILEX®-Neutralizer per cbm ALBILEX®-3000-sewage

 2,0  3.600,00 g
 3,0  360,00 g
4,0  36,00 g
5,0  3,60 g
6,0  0,36 g

A maximum of 185 g ALBILEX®-Neutralizer is necessary to neutralize 1 kg of ALBILEX®-3000.

Additional information

ALBILEX®-Neutralizer causes serious cauterizations. In case of contact with eyes rinse with plenty of water and contact a doctor. Immediately take off soiled and soaked clothing. Please wear suitable protective clothing and protective glasses / face-shield during work.


ALBILEX®-Neutralizer contains sodium hydroxide.

Delivery Form & Item-No.

ALBILEX®-Neutralizer is available in following package sizes:
10 kg can – Item-No.: 190153

ProductQuantity (kg)Item-No.Product Sheet
ALBILEX®-Neutralizer  10  140110 Download


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