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ALBILEX®-Destofix is an odourless and tasteless eco-friendly universal disinfectant spray with outstanding efficacy – optimal for hygienically critical areas. It is ideal for mobile applications.

ALBILEX Destofix


  • Quick and effective disinfectant
  • Spray mist dries residue-free
  • Handy and ideal for mobile applications
  • Refillable spray-bottle system
  • Eco- and user-friendly – complete decomposition of active substances
  • Based on specially stabilized hydrogen peroxide
  • Shelf-life 15 months

Application Areas

ALBILEX®-Destofix eliminates pathogenic germs and prevents recontamination. It is used in different industries (i.e. food, beverages, breweries, animal productions, chemicals industry), in municipal and industrial water supply as well as in pipework-construction.
Furthermore it is applied in sanitary installations (saunas, solaria, showers and swimming pools) and kitchen utensils (refrigerators, food containers, shelves, ventilation grills, dustbins).

It is also perfect to disinfect critical surfaces on planes, boats/ships and cars during journeys.

Application Method

Spray from a distance of 30 cm to the surface to be disinfected. Spraying liquid dries without residues and leaves behind a disinfected surface. Avoid longer contact with skin. Do not spray into eyes.


The results shown hereafter are based on suspension tests performed and published by Solvay Interox (DLG method; Technical Information FA 1.10.2). In this test series the used suspensions contained mould / yeast concentration of 107 per ml, and bacteria of 109 per ml.

The figures listed in the table below show the cell/germ destruction time in minutes for different concentrations of H2O2. The hydrogen peroxide concentration of ALBILEX®-Destofix is 3%. As a consequence the destruction time is considerably reduced, but not linearly when using the product ALBILEX®-Destofix.

Decomposition time (in minutes) for moulds, yeast & bacteria cells/germs with different concentration of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2):

 % H2O2 0,035 0,100 0,350
 Staph. aureus 40  20 1
 Esch. coli 60 5 1
 Str. faecalis 60 60 1
 Ps. aeruginosa 60 1 1
 Sacch. carlsbergensis 60 60 1


ALBILEX®-Destofix contains 3% hydrogen peroxide, specially stabilized.

Storage and Shelf Life

ALBILEX®-SUPER-3 is to be stored in an upright position at temperatures between 5°C to 25°C. Do not expose to heat. The shelf life of 15 months starting from production is mentioned on the label.

Form of Delivery and Item-No.

ALBILEX®-Destofix is delivered in following package sizes:

ProductQuantity (kg)Item-No.Product Sheet
ALBILEX®-Destofix 1


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