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The disinfectant ALBILEX®-SUPER-des is based on a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and special silver ions with oligodynamic and bactericidal effects. ALBILEX®-SUPER-des is specially designed for the disinfection of drinking-water piping systems, storage tanks and wells but is also used in many other industries.

ALBILEX super des


  • Strong algicidal, bactericidal and fungicidal effects
  • One disinfectant for all kinds of piping materials
  • Simple to use and easy to dose in all common dosing-kits
  • Low dosage (starting with 100 ppm ALBILEX®-SUPER-des for piping disinfection)
  • pH-neutral in dosing concentration
  • Chlorine-free (no offensive smell)
  • Long shelf-life (up to two years) due to decomposition and corrosion inhibitors
  • Simple and eco-friendly disposal of the disinfectant solvent


Use in piping systems: ALBILEX®-SUPER-des is added directly to the water when filling the pipe section to be disinfected by means of a dosing-kit. The filling process under addition of ALBILEX®-SUPER-des is to be continued until the measured hydrogen peroxide concentration is 50 ppm at the run out. The following table shows the required dosage of ALBILEX®-SUPER-des:

Dilution ratio ALBILEX®-SUPER-des to filling-water for different applications:

Application areaDosing concentration of ALBILEX®-SUPER-desExposureTime
Disinfection of piping-systems 100 ppm (100ml SUPER-des per 1000l water) 12-24 hrs
Disinfection of tank-surfaces 1-2% (1-2 Ltr. SUPER-des per 100l  water) 1 hr

Disinfection of piping-systems: In case of a reduced exposure time the dosage concentration of ALBILEX®-SUPER-des has to be increased up to 200-300 ppm (= 200-300 ml ALBILEX®-SUPER-des per 1000 litres of water). The concentration of ALBILEX®-SUPER-des (recommended: 50 ppm) is measured by means of ALBILEX®-H2O2-test-sticks (Art.-Code.: 190150). After 12 hours exposure time the hydrogen peroxide concentration should be at least 10 ppm; otherwise the injection procedure has to be repeated.

Consumption of ALBILEX®-SUPER-des per km piping length in case of a recommended dosage of 100 ppm (= 100 mg/l):

Diameter of pipe in mm (DN)Dosage (litre per km) of ALBILEX®-SUPER-des
50 0,2
100 0,8
200 3,2
300 7,0
400 13,0
500 20,0

Disinfection of surfaces: ALBILEX®-SUPER-des is diluted with water according to the above table. The disinfectant is applied to the surface of the tank with a low-pressure sprayer. After an exposure of 1 hour fill tank to a level of 5-10 cm with fresh water and empty tank directly afterwards. Then the tank may be refilled with drinking water.

Disinfection of wells: ALBILEX®-SUPER-des is diluted with water according to the above table. The disinfectant is applied to the well. After an exposure time of 6-24 hours pump disinfection solution out of the well and pass into sewerage system.


ALBILEX®-SUPER-des is a solution of hydrogen peroxide (50% H2O2) and special silver ions.

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