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Highly effective, weakly-alkaline disinfectant for all drinking water installations and infrastructure. It oxidizes and removes also mold.


Compatibility of Materials

Contact producer of tank coating before usage and ask for compatibility of materials and approval to use this chemical. In particular cases it may happen that the color of the mineral coating will bleach out and change its color.


ALBILEX®-Chlorbleichlauge is diluted in ratio 1 : 4 (1 part ALBILEX®-Chlorbleichlauge and 4 parts water) and applied to all walls, floors and ceilings by a low-pressure spraying kit.

Attention: the low-pressure spraying kit has tob e thoroughly flushed with water and must be free of acids. Failing this, noxious chlorine gas can be generated. Mold contaminated surfaces are thoroughly injected. After an exposure time of 1 h the ALBILEX®-Chlorbleichlauge solution will be washed up. If the mold has deeply penetrated the surface the exposure time has to be extended to 3 hours and if necessary repeated.
ALBILEX®-Chlorbleichlauge can be disposed to the sewage system according to local regulations and after a sufficient inactivation of the active substance.

Protective Clothes

The processing workman shall wear protective clothes as well as face and respiratory protection. Further information can be obtained at material safety data sheet.


ALBILEX®-Chlorbleichlauge contains of a 13% sodium hypochloride solution.

Package Size & Item-No.

ALBILEX®-Chlorbleichlauge is supplied in following package sizes

ProductQuantity (kg)Item-No.Product SheetMSDS
ALBILEX®-Chlorbleichlauge 10
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