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Strong cleaner for all potable water installations - tanks and potable water treatment facilities. It removes iron, scale and manganese depositions as well as deposits of aluminium compounds. The two-component cleaner is suitable for various materials such as synthetics, plastic coated steel and even steel itself.

ALBILEX br bio asc


  • Approved according to DVGW bulletin W 319
  • Very strong cleaning power
  • Quick removal of even thick and persistent iron, scale- und manganese incrustations
  • Contains hydrochloric acid
  • No chlorine gas generation
  • Unlimited shelf life

Application method

Stir and dissolve the additive ALBILEX®-ASC (1 kg can) in 10 liters waters and mix this solution afterwards with 30 kg-can of ALBILEX®-BR-bio. Apply the cleaning solution with a low-pressure spraying kit to the surfaces to be cleaned. After an exposure time of 10-15 minutes it can be washed off with water.

Directions for use

Protect eyes, skin and clothes. Use rubber gloves and eye protection. In case of contact with eyes or skin, thoroughly rinse with plenty of water. Further information can be obtained at the material safety data sheet.


After the cleaning procedure the wash water is neutralized to a pH-value between 6.5 and 8.0 with ALBILEX®-Neutralizer and then disposed to the sewage system.


ALBILEX®-BR-bio contains mineral acid and non-ionic wetting agents. All non-mineral additives are biodegradable. ALBILEX®-ASC contains ascorbic acid.

Delivery Form & Item-No.

The two-component product, consisting of the cleaner ALBILEX®-BR-bio and the additive ALBILEX®-ASC, is available in following package sizes:

ProductQuantity (kg)Item-No.Product SheetMSDS
ALBILEX®-BR-bio 30


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