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ALBILEX®-Chlorine-Dioxide is a two-component product used to create a chlorine dioxide solution. Chlorine dioxide is the disinfectant with the smallest concentration for use as per DVGW W 291 and according to DVGW W 346 (Exhibit 2) is well suited for disinfecting cement mortar lined pipelines.



  • Highly effective disinfectant against pathogenic germs, fungi, algae and viruses
  • Easy mixing procedure – ready for use after 2 h
  • Chlorine dioxide solution is chlorine free
  • No formation of trihalomethanes, chlorophenols, chloramines in drinking water
  • Long shelf life - basic products with infinite storage life
  • Ready for use solution is stable for 4 weeks
  • Easy inactivation before disposal with sodium thiosulfate

Areas of application

Disinfecting closed systems infested with stubborn germs such as pseudomonas aeruginosa or legionella, such as e.g. piping and water filters.

Creating and using ALBILEX®-Chlorine-Dioxide

Mixing: Pour COMPONENT B (1 litre / 3 litres) into the can of COMPONENT A (9 litres / 27 litres). Immediately tightly close the container of component A. At a temperature of 20°C the product is ready to use after a reaction time of 2 hours. Higher temperatures reduce, lower temperatures prolongate the reaction time. This creates a chlorine dioxide solution with 3 grams chlorine dioxide per litre, which can be added directly from the reaction can to the pipeline system which has to be disinfected. Follow the instructions of the material safety data sheet.

Recommended application as per DVGW W 291:
Required dose in piping: 6 mg ClO2 per litre => resulting dosage amount: 2 ml ALBILEX® chlorine dioxide solution per litre of water. Standard dosing is 2 litres of chlorine dioxide solution per cubic meter of water. This solution contains 6 mg ClO2 / l.

Disposing of chlorine dioxide solutions

Deactivate the mixed chlorine dioxide solution by adding sodium thiosulfate solution. Add 7.1 g sodium thiosulfate powder (item no.: 140200) per litre of chlorine dioxide solution, dissolved in water before adding, and mixed in. The chlorine dioxide content can be determined beforehand, using chlorite test strips. The limit value for chlorite in waste water is 0.2 mg/l.

Delivery form and item number

The two-component product is supplied in the following package sizes:

ProductQuantity (kg)Item-No.Product Sheet
ALBILEX®-Chlorine 10

Safety instructions

Always wear protective gloves and protective eyewear when working with activated chlorine dioxide solution. Only freely work with the activated product in a well-ventilated space or use respiratory protection with filter B (grey).


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